Your shortcut to local lost stories.

  • Audio Tours

    We are an award winning production company based in Rossendale Lancashire with a rich history of producing exciting, entertaining story productions.  This year we will be launching an innovative ‘state of the art’ smartphone tour App.  The App will use geo-fencing technology that ‘pushes’ audio, video or other data to the smartphone as the user enters or nears the place of interest and tells the story of where the user is located.

  • The Task Ahead

    As you would imagine developing the technology is very time consuming and expensive to initially produce the platform, but we believe, once up and running it will be an amazing opportunity for Lancashire to offer this to the public and make their visit a richer experience.

  • Key

    The App will be free to use and will include historical, cultural and human stories about the towns. We envisage this App attracting both locals and visitors and it will include a wide and diverse range of entertainment and information, extending from town centres into villages and beyond. We are looking for support to help launch this App and would like to meet with you to discuss how to share this App with the greater public.


    If, like us, you think this is an exciting project please contact us and help Lancashire move forward.