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About Hard Graft Theatre Company

Hard Graft is writer and theatre maker Mark Whiteley. He wrote, produced and directed his first play in 1999 at the Nottingham Playhouse and when asked what the company was called he came up with the name Hard Graft Theatre Company. The company is small and responsive and there is no formal structure other than Mark generally oversees everything.

Hard Graft works with a number of associates and collaborators to produce the writing, people like designer Celia Perkins, Directors Keith Hukin and David Crowley or actor/writer Daniel Hoffmann-Gill.

  • MUCH

    First performed at the Nottingham Playhouse in 1997

  • Manchester theatre award

    Thick as Thieves

    This play started in a terraced house in Nottingham.  After a national tour of living rooms, a pop up shop residency this award winning comedy went on to play to thousands of theatre lovers across the country.  We even sold the first ever performance of a play on eBay

    Thick As Thieves
    Thick As Thieves 2014
  • Burt n Joyce won this.

    Burt N Joyce

    55 charity shop tour, followed by a national theatre tour makes this gem a winner with audiences of all ages.


  • Mark and Dan in Poles Apart

    Poles Apart

    Poles Apart by Daniel Hoffmann-Gill and Mark Whiteley

    In 2006 you might remember lots of Polish people coming to the UK to work.  We noticed that 'little' England didn't like this too much.  So we decided to see what all the fuss was about.  Whilst the Poles were coming here, we emigrated to Poland.

    Poles Apart is a show about immigration and two blokes looking for work in Warsaw.

    The show toured for months to great reviews. WATCH

  • Daniel set for Coast to Coast in Richmond N. Yorkshire

    Coast to Coast

    Coast to Coast by Mark Whiteley and Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

    In 2006, Hard Graft Theatre Company walked across the country from Bangor in Wales to Boston in Lincolnshire.

    They took with them no money, no food and no accommodation. Their only currency was a 90-minute comedy/storytelling show that they had to perform or go hungry.

  • The Big Adventure

    During the making of Coast to Coast the boys performed a 90 minute comedy every night as they "sung for their supper" 

    WATCH (not great quality)

  • Weird Doug Goes Camping

    A short film 

  • fb review


    Last year my mate Caz got 360 hours of community service, he argued with the court that the best use of his order would be to talk to people about the past. Explain how he ended up in a flat above a shop with a load of stolen trainers and 14 cartons of fags from the Canaries. To educate, to instruct, to have a doss. (Obviously he didn't say the last bit.)
    The court agreed, so this is his play...

    Alistair Hoyle, Ben Bland, in GRASS. images by Ian Tilton
  • Christmas at our Carols

    A radio play - Runner up in the Alfred Bradley Awards.

  • Knife Edge

    A true story about a young man whose life was cut short by knife crime.  Toured nationally WATCH


  • When Will I Be Famous

    In 2011 Mark Whiteley tried to become famous to prove how stupid celebrity is.  This show toured theatres nationally. Watch 

  • Adaptations of Classic Children's stories

    For 10 years now we have been writing and producing Christmas shows for young audiences.  Here's a selection.

    Red Riding Hood
    The Elves and the Shoemaker
    Hansel & Gretel
    The Christmas Elves and the Shoemaker

    The Jungle Book

    The 10 years of Christmas from Hard Graft
    10 Years of Children's' shows.