I love the past, but I couldn’t live there.

January 9, 2018 admin

We have been thinking a lot about the past twenty years. How we have built a story telling machine that entertains people, all people with comedy and drama. I’ve mentioned Thick as Thieves, how we took it from nothing and turned it into something special, something award winning and successful. I have gloated about being innovative and a front runner in pop ups and site specific and adventure projects like Poles Apart and Coast to Coast.

As 2018 begins we have sat down and thought about the future and we’ve come to the conclusion that all those thoughts and conversations have been about work in the past. Bringing stuff back. Well, bugger that. I have very little time to leave a lasting memory on this planet and I’ve got to start, as ever, by looking forward, not back. Back is comfortable and fuzzy and warm, but tied. Forward is frightening, poverty potential, lunacy, but exciting.

So it’s January 9th 2018, we as ever are skint, but me as ever has a million and one ideas about telling tales.

Stay tuned friends, it’s going to be an exciting, roller coaster of a year and I want to put you at the centre of it.

See you soon