Happy Birthday Hard Graft 1997 – 2017

December 3, 2017 admin
20 years ago 4 newly graduated actors decided to put a show on, above a pub in Nottingham.  Who would have thought that the company would still be knocking about now.

Do you remember any of these past shows?

  • Win,Lose,Draw (above a pub in Nottingham)
  • Bedders & Pike (above a pub in Nottingham)
  • Much (Nottingham Playhouse studio)
  • True Story (17 Forester St Netherfield)
  • Weird Doug goes Camping (video)
  • Thick As Thieves (Shops, houses, theatre everywhere, Edinburgh festival)
  • Burt & Joyce (Charity shops across the country)
Thick As Thieves
Thick As Thieves 2014
  • Charity Begins at Home (shops and a theatre tour)
  • Pop Tarts (shops and a theatre tour)
  • Christmas At Our Carols (Audio Play)
  • The Big Adventure (fields, barns, kitchens, pubs, anywhere)
  • Coast to Coast (National theatre tour, Edinburgh festival)
  • Poles Apart (National tour)
  • When Will I Be Famous (National Tour)

  • Red Riding Hood (Regional tour)
  • Grass (24:7 festival and a shop in Oldham)
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker (Regional tour)
  • Ghost walks (Oldham, Rawtenstall, Saddleworth & Burnley)
  • Pinocchio (Regional tour)
  • Knife Edge (National Tour)
  • Hansel & Gretel (Regional tour)
  • Babushka (Regional tour)

  • TAPS comedy writing award
  • Manchester Theatre Award
  • Alfred Bradley Award (runner up)

And we’re still going strong.

Christmas 2017 The Jungle Book 

Outside is thick with snow and Rita won’t get home tonight. Looking for something to do, she finds an old scrap book in uncle Bob and aunty Sue’s attic. Come and join Rita as she is thrust from one adventure to the next, meet Mowgli a young boy, taken in and bought up by Wolves and helped by Baloo, Kaa and Bagheera.

Spring 2018 Thick As Thieves in Rawtenstall

We’re returning with our award winning comedy, this time in a mill!

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