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October 5, 2017 admin

This month we talk about shoes.  Please stay with us.  Very funny. And we talk about the secret word we use to stop Jo from choking Mark. Foot fetish fun.  How to REALLY use the Samaritans.  1066 and all that.  Hastings.  Liar, liar the French teacher’s on fire.  

February 23, 2017 admin

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s where everyday we’d play out on the street, because we didn’t have any proper recreational activity areas or skate parks or leisure centre we could afford. Every night we’d have Jam butties, because we couldn’t afford proper protein. We drank water out the tap cause no one…

January 26, 2017 admin

This is a quick story about love and violence.  About being terrorised by a soldier.  

May 25, 2016 admin

My brother, Darren was the first to spot it.  He switched on the living room light at my grandma’s house and as he went to close the curtains it was there.  A floating glowing orange orb hovering over Fraser Crescent.  Darren read about UFO’s and had a great knowledge about extra terrestrials, so we all…

April 29, 2016 admin

Jo and Mark had nowhere to live.  We meet Terry a homeless person in Burnley Lancashire who explains how hard it is living on the edge of society. This is not our caravan, I’m too embarrassed to show you ours.