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Coronation Street's Steven Arnold & Jonny Dixon star in our fantastic, hilarious new comedy drama . READ MORE

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23rd Sept - 11th October 2014 @ RE-Tale 23 MUMPS OLDHAM
Christmas Fun and Mayhem for the under 10's.

Classic Christmas story with a free visit to see Santa.

4th - 24th December 2014
Oldham Library

What do you believe your theatre should be?

I believe that theatre should be energised, exciting, an adventure. I believe that when the lights go down we should create a playground.
I believe that audiences want to travel with me, to escape their normal lives’ and join in my missions. I believe that learning through art should be entertaining.
I believe that we should inspire our audiences to make the world a better, kinder, stronger place.

I have put stories everywhere, in houses, in barns, in fields, shops, schools and a few theatres. I have inspired writers, educators and directors; I’ve put issues under the spotlight and educated many. I have teased audiences and turned my back on the system that creates mundane fodder.
If you dare to ask an audience, to speak to them honestly you will be amazed where they want to go and what they want to see and feel. My story begins when the audience engages and it finishes years down the line.

Mark Whiteley

Our first shop in the Centre in Nottingham.

On the first night we had a full house with all our friends and family, on the second night only 2 people turned up. But we grew, until people were queuing around the block for tickets.
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